Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Update

If this post sounds incoherent, it is because I got my wisdom teeth removed this morning and am on medication for the pain. If it is indeed incoherent (and not just containing debatable points), please comment as such. If I get a few of those comments, I will delete this post.

Did anyone see the UNC/UNC-Asheville game last night? I saw the Sportscenter highlights that talked about UNC-A’s Kenny George, but I’d like to know if he is nearly as good as they made him out to be.

Both Marquette and Seton Hall looked quite pathetic in the game Tuesday evening. While Seton Hall wasn’t supposed to be good, Marquette, a ranked team playing at home, seemed like they didn’t even want to win. Perhaps they were looking ahead to Notre Dame. Georgetown further established their dominance with the double-digit win at Depaul. Rutgers has established their place at the bottom of the Big East. Syracuse showed that they are not the lock that some have claimed them to be.

Some other quick thoughts:

  • After the tough loss against UNC that made me believe they were a legitimate team in the ACC, Clemson’s loss at home to Charlotte has me doubting them again. I’m not going to write off the Tigers because of one bad loss, but I will be keeping close watch on them. Charlotte also put the A-10 on notice that Dayton, RIU, and Xavier are not going to run away with the conference.
  • Speaking of the A-10, two games of note from last night. Dayton beat Rhode Island in a highly anticipated match-up in Dayton. I’m not convinced that Dayton is vastly superior, and look forward to the rematch on February 2. In addition, UMass losing to St. Joseph’s showed that there is not a clear-cut 4th team in the A-10 at this time.
  • Michigan St. had a close call at home against Purdue, following a close call at home against Minnesota. Something is wrong in East Lansing, and it may catch up with them sooner or later.
  • George Mason lost to Delaware. I will admit that I do not have the slightest clue who will win the CAA.
  • The Tennessee-Ole Miss game saw another team leave the group of the undefeated. However, it also validated Ole Miss’s start. Either one of these teams could end up winning the SEC.
  • St. Mary’s picked up that road win they needed, as did Florida.


  • West Virginia @ Louisville: At 4th and 30th respectively, this game has the lowest combined Pomeroy Ratings of the night. West Virginia is coming off the win against Marquette, while Louisville lost at home to Cincinnati the last time they played a Big East game.
  • Georgia St. @ Virginia Commonwealth: Georgia St. already beat conference favorite George Mason. A victory over VCU would seal the conference to a one-bid fate.
  • California @ Oregon: Two teams that will probably end up on the bubble.
  • Arkansas @ Auburn: Arkansas needs wins like these to remain on the happy side of bubble-land
  • New Mexico St. @ Boise St.: Two of the top teams in the WAC. A win at Boise would make NMSU the favorites to win the conference
  • Illinois @ Wisconsin: Illinois needs a miracle to receive an at-large berth. A win at Wisconsin would be a good start.
  • Washington St. @ USC: A loss at home would be USC’s third straight loss, and would keep the Cougars undefeated.

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