Monday, February 2, 2009

New Seed List (Finally)

Perhaps I should bite my tongue more often. With two unfortunate losses, Wake Forest has dropped off of the one seed line, and Oklahoma has taken that spot. Lots of movement elsewhere – my Irish have dropped to the eight line, and that’s probably the best they can fair. Memphis has proved me wrong, and jumps up to the five line. They could climb higher, if they go undefeated in conference. Penn State’s shocker in Lansing has forced me to consider that they may be among the best in the Big 10, earning them a spot on the six line. Meanwhile, the top SEC team (Tennessee) has been pushed down to the eight line. This is what happens when you don’t win games. Also, an incredible six Big East teams on the top four seed lines. This is what happens when none of your losses are counted as "bad".

1: North Carolina, Duke, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma
2: Connecticut, Marquette, Michigan St, Wake Forest
3: Butler, Xavier, Louisville, West Virginia
4: Gonzaga, Clemson, Illinois, Syracuse
5: Ohio St, Memphis, Georgetown, California
6: Arizona St, Villanova, Penn St, Kansas
7: Texas, Baylor, Purdue, Washington
8: Tennessee, Florida, Davidson, Notre Dame
9: Missouri, Minnesota, Kentucky, UNLV
10: Utah St., Dayton, Michigan, UCLA
11: BYU, Oklahoma St, Texas A&M, Kansas St
12: Southern Cal, Maryland, LSU, Siena
13: Buffalo, Northeastern, Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky
14: VMI, Vermont, American, Cornell
15: North Dakota St, Murray St, Stephen F. Austin, Belmont
16: Cal State – Northridge, Robert Morris, Alabama St, Weber St vs. Morgan St.

First Five Out: Utah, Siena (at-large), South Carolina, Virginia Tech, UAB
Next Four Out: Northwestern, San Diego St, Miami (FL), Arizona, Providence

Moving In: Washington, Dayton, LSU, Southern Cal
Moving Out: Miami (FL), St. Mary's, Florida St, Wisconsin, Utah
Moving Up: Connecticut, West Virginia, Memphis
Moving Down: Georgetown, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Oklahoma St,

Bracket: Tonight


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Notre Dame as an 8. On the bright side I think they might bw the favorite to win the NIT

Anonymous said...

I wondered who in their right mind would put Notre Dame as high as an eight seed... and seeing that you call them "my Irish", I see why. Time to put your green and gold colored glasses away and face the facts:

The Irish currently have a #76 RPI, they're just 2-7 against the RPI top 100, they're currently riding a 5-game losing streak, and their 3-6 Big East mark puts them in 11th place.

You tell me again why they're an 8 seed... unless they somehow get back to .500 in the Big East, they shouldn't be anywhere near an NCAA bracket, let alone an 8 seed.