Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ramifications? You want to know the Ramifications? Fine!

Here's what happened tonight:

Purdue beat Ohio State in Columbus. Last night, my friend and I debated for 2.5 hours coming up with a consensus bracket (which can be found here), and some time was spent debating Purdue vs. Syracuse on the 1-line. One of Purdue's knocks was that they wouldn't end up with any big road wins. Not anymore...

Saint Louis beat Rhode Island. With that, I think its safe to say farewell to the Rams, whose weak out-of-conference schedule has done them in once again. (I had them out with the assumption that they would win out their conference schedule.

Duquesne beat Charlotte. This seems like it would hurt Charlotte's bubble chances a lot, but remember - bad losses don't count that much. The Texas Tech-Charlotte discussion will be an interesting one.

Utah beat UNLV, and suddenly UNLV doesn't look like a sure tournament team. They are now the same conference record as SDSU, and are banking solely on their 4 top-50 wins and their win at New Mexico. I still think they are in, but they can't drop anymore games.

Wofford wins at Davidson, all but ensuring themselves a bye in the Southern Conference tournament.

Louisville beat Notre Dame, Notre Dame's third straight heart-breaking loss. No real ramifications, other than the near-heart attacks they are giving me.

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