Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Original Seeds (Bold = Conference Champs)
1: Ohio St., Wisconsin, Georgetown, UCLA
2: Kansas, Florida, UNC, Pittsburgh
3: Texas A&M, SIU, Memphis, Maryland
4: Kentucky, Marquette, Washington St., Duke
5: Air Force, Arizona, Villanova, Virginia
6: Oregon, Nevada, Indiana, Virginia Tech
7: Tennessee, Michigan St, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech
8: Louisville, Winthrop, Texas, UNLV
9: Illinois, Creighton, Xavier, Butler
10: Stanford, Drexel, Vanderbilt, Texas Tech
11: USC, Missouri St., BYU, Syracuse,
12: VCU, Boston College, Clemson, Florida St.
13: Davidson, Gonzaga, Holy Cross, Penn
14: Toledo, Vermont, TAMU-CC, Oral Roberts
15: Long Beach St., Niagara, Eastern Kentucky, Belmont
16: Weber St., Delaware St., Arkansas St., Miss. Valley St., C. Conn. St.


Anonymous said...

Kentucky is way too high.

Anonymous said...

I think Tennessee might be low on your bracket.

Why would you put Air Force that high?

Anonymous said...

Duke is too high.

Sean said...

Do you not consider Texas a top 30 team? top 20?

Duke, kentucky, and air force...these are gonna need some explanation.

sean said...

Here let me help you, in Air Force's last 9 games, they have played 4 teams in the top 100 rpi, they have lost all four games and are 4-5 during that stretch, including their current 3 game skid.

5 seed? Think again.

NCAA Insider said...

Nevada is not a 6 seed... A 4 at worst and really should be a 3 seed. The WAC certainly gets no respect! Make no mistake about it, the WAC teams would be tough for anyone in the country. The WAC is certaily is as tough a conference as the MVC, if not better. (With the exception of Idaho & San Jose State). Just look at the Bracket Buster games! Teams in the WAC were winners in 95% of the games. And even out of conference games, the WAC has a great winning percentage all season long. The WAC deserves at least two teams in the NCAA tournament no matter what, but unless someone beats Nevada that likely won't happen. As for the WAC tournament... It will be Nevada and New Mexico State in the championship game. Nevada has the best road record in the country (only 2 loses) and has wins over Gonzaga (in Seattle), California, Akron (at Akron), and Northern Iowa in the Bracket Buster game.(by 18)(from the mighty MVC) With Nick Fazekas, Marcelus Kemp, Ramon Sessions and many other weapons the Wolfpack is experienced and tested. Over the last few years the Pack has wins over Kansas (at Kansas), Michagan State, Gonzaga, Texas, Vermont, and almost beat Connecticut (at Connecticut). They really deserve to be a 3 seed. Watch for Nevada to go deep in the NCAA tournament. They could even shock some teams and make it to the Final Four. It's time to give Nevada and the Western Athletic Conference some respect.