Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Seed List

Finally got this one completed.

1: Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Duke
2: Georgetown, Oklahoma, Butler, Michigan St.
3: Xavier, Marquette, Clemson, Illinois
4: Ohio St, Syracuse, Tennessee, Louisville
5: Connecticut, Texas, Gonzaga, Notre Dame
6: Arizona St, West Virginia, Kentucky, Villanova
7: Kansas, California, Baylor, Purdue
8: Minnesota, Florida, UCLA, Oklahoma St
9: Missouri, Brigham Young, Miami (FL), Utah St.
10: Davidson, St. Mary's, Maryland, Michigan
11: UNLV, Texas A&M, Kansas St., Florida St.
12: Utah, Memphis, Wisconsin, Siena
13: Western Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth, Northern Iowa, Miami (OH)
14: VMI, Portland St, Cornell, North Dakota St.
15: Vermont, Stephen F. Austin, American, Long Beach St.
16: Jacksonville, Morgan St, Alabama St, Austin Peay vs. Robert Morris

Last Four Out: South Carolina, Penn St, Dayton, Washington
Next Four Out: Providence, Rhode Island, Stanford, College of Charleston

Big Movers: Louisville, Connecticut, Arizona St, Kentucky, Purdue, UCLA, Michigan

Seeds by Conference
Big East: 9
Big XII: 8
ACC: 7
Big 10: 7
SEC: 3
Pac-10: 3
MWC: 3
WCC: 2

Bracket: Maybe up soon?


Anonymous said...

UConn a 5 seed with a 17-1 record and 5 wins against NCAA teams (Miami, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, West Virginia, and Villanova). Maryland still in the field even though their resume is a carbon copy of Arkansas. Memphis a 12 seed (I don't think they've done anything impressive either but you're crazy if you think the committee would seed them lower than 7). And many other problems I won't point out to save space.

Either you're a terrible bracketologist, or you're letting your biases about certain teams get in the way too much. I'm going to assume it's the 2nd one.

Signed- a fellow bracket project bracketologist.

Anonymous said...

Really would love to hear how UConn is a 5 seed

Bryan said...

Memphis a 12 seed? They hung tight with Georgetown and could have won that game. Also hung tight with Syracuse. Like the other commenter, they are nowhere near a 12 seed. And you have Tennessee a 4 seed? Makes no sense whatsoever. Look at the bracket Matrix and see how off you are.