Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alright, one thing DOES bother me.

Everyone is STILL projecting team USA (South Alabama) in, despite the semi-final loss to Middle Tennessee St. at home. Obviously people can make persuasive arguments, but lets do a blind resume.

South Alabama:
Overall Record: 24-5
Top 25 Wins: 0
25-50 Record: 1-1 (Win over Mississippi St.)
50-100 Record: 2-1 (Loss to Mississippi)
100+ Losses: 3
SOS: 209

Team B
Overall Record: 21-4
Top 25 Wins: 0
25-50 Record: 1-0 (Win over Oklahoma)
50-100 Record: 0-1 (Loss to Texas Tech)
100+ Losses: 3
SOS: 278

So, obviously USA has the better profile, but they are comparable. So why is South Alabama averaging 2 seed lines higher, and in some places has been placed 5 seed lines above mystery team B? Team B isn't even being considered for the bubble in most place.


Anonymous said...

finally u say something somewhat intelligent. i agree.

theBCI said...

Team B is Stephen F. Austin...I agree USA should be worried come Sunday

Anonymous said...

You're aware that Marquette lost? Why still a 3?