Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bracket, 15.75 hours til Selection Sunday

Here is my first published bracket in two months. If Texas, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Northwestern St. win, this will be my final bracket. I'd like to point out that either Georgetown or Duke is going to get screwed with respect to location - G'town's closest pod is in Raleigh.
The following teams were moved up or down a seed line to fulfill bracket requirements:
UP: USC, BYU, Villanova, UNLV, Siena
DOWN: Clemson, Baylor, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Winthrop

Texas Regional
Little Rock, Arkansas
1 – Texas (Big XII)
16 – American (Patriot)
9 – Arkansas (SEC)
8 - Arizona
Tampa, Florida
5 – Southern Cal
12 – Kent St. (MAC)
13 – Siena (MAAC)
4 - Connecticut
Anaheim, California
3 – Stanford
14 – Cornell (IVY)
11 – St. Mary’s
6 – West Virginia
Raleigh, North Carolina
7 - Purdue
10 - Baylor
15 – Maryland-Baltimore County (America East)
2 – Duke

Arizona Regional
Anaheim, California
1 – UCLA (Pac-10)
16 – Northwestern St. (Southland)
9 – BYU
8 - Gonzaga
Denver, Colorado
5 – Drake (MVC)
12 – Virginia Tech
13 – Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)
4 – Notre Dame
Washington, D.C.
3 - Marquette
14 – Winthrop (Big South)
11 – Ohio St.
6 - Vanderbilt
Omaha, Nebraska
7 – Michigan St.
10 – Miami (FL)
15 – Austin Peay (OVC)
2 – Kansas

North Carolina Regional
Raleigh, North Carolina
1 – North Carolina (ACC)
16 – Play-in (Mount St. Mary’s vs. Mississippi Valley St.)
9 – Kansas St.
8 – Arizona St.
Denver, Colorado
5 – Butler (Horizon)
12 – Temple (A-10)
13 – George Mason (CAA)
4 – Pittsburgh (Big East)
Washington, D.C.
3 - Louisville
14 – CSU-Fullerton (Big West)
11 – UNLV (MWC)
6 – Indiana
Birmingham, Alabama
7 – Texas A&M
10 - Oregon
15 – Belmont (Atlantic Sun)
2 – Tennessee

Detroit Regional
Little Rock, Arkansas
1 – Memphis (CUSA)
16 – Coppin St. (MEAC)
9 – Villanova
8 – Davidson (SoCon)
Tampa, Florida
5 – Washington St.
12 – San Diego (WCC)
13 – Oral Roberts (Summit)
4 – Xavier (A-10)
Omaha, Nebraska
3 – Wisconsin (Big 10)
14 – Boise St. (WAC)
11 – South Alabama
6 - Clemson
Birmingham, Alabama
7 - Oklahoma
10 – Mississippi St.
15 – Portland St. (Big Sky)
2 – Georgetown


Forbesy said...

looks good - i think i may have goofed with the gtown thing. i completely forgot that they can't play in D.C. oops!

Anonymous said...

You are waaay to harsh on the A-10. St Joes out? Respectfully, you need to take another look. Seems to me St Joes clearly makes it. They crushed Nova, swept UMass, beat X soundly twice. The RPI is 41, they made the conference championship, their record versus top 50 and their road/neutral record is better than any other bubble team. And, if the mythical "what the league should get test" is applied the A-10 should get 3. X and Temple seeds are too low. Just a Billy Packeresque--I don't really know enough about the A-10--bad call. Other mid-majors receive unjust treatment. Is Ill State out? Wow. Nova an 9? Was it there recent 25 point loss to St Joesv at a neutral site that sold you on them?ASU an 8? Was it the 80-something RPI? Please examine your BCS bias. Go Irish.

Anonymous said...

the A-10 is horrible.

Evilmonkeycma said...

1) Thanks!

2) Answering your concerns in order:

St. Joe's also has a monster number of losses to teams not in the tournament. Actually, the look like a poor man's Arkansas, before Arkansas made their SEC tourney run. St. Joe's probably would have gotten in if they had faced someone decent in the quarterfinals, rather than Richmond.

Illinois St.'s qualifications are thus: Came in 2nd in the MVC. Came in 2nd in the MVC tourney. In a weaker MVC, thats not enough for me. Especially since the last image of ISU in the committee's mind will be the 30 point throttling on a neutral court.

Nova is a true 10 seed, and the last 10 seed at that. They were moved up to a 9 to fulfill bracket requirements.

ASU is the first bubble team. If there weren't so many bad teams this year, they wouldn't even be in. But they are, and so ASU manages to ride up to an 8 on the basis of wins over Xavier, Stanford, and USC, as well as only 5 losses outside the top 25. 5!

If you read my previous comment sections, you'd know that, like the Selection Committee, I don't consider RPI. I consider wins against 1-25, records against 25-50, records against 50-100, losses against 100+, as well as a few other items. However, instead of the RPI, I use the Colton to determine those groups, as the Colton gives a better grasp of where teams should be.

Perhaps you have a "mid-major bias". I will not put a team in for finishing first or second in the regular season in their conference, unless they had to beat a few good teams to do it.

I agree. Go Irish.

Evilmonkeycma said...

"The A-10 is horrible".

False. Its just too balanced for its own good.