Saturday, March 1, 2008

Seed List Through Friday, February 29

I don't have time to do the one-bid conference champions, so I'm going to take a leaf from Schmolik's book and leave them out (they aren't the important ones anyways)

1: Texas, Tennessee, Memphis, UCLA
2: North Carolina, Duke, Louisville, Xavier
3: Stanford, Kansas, Notre Dame, Connecticut
4: Wisconsin, Indiana, Vanderbilt, Georgetown
5: Purdue, Marquette, Michigan St, Washington St.
6: Pittsburgh, Southern Cal, Kansas St, Clemson
7: Drake, Baylor, Arizona St, St. Mary’s
8: West Virginia, Gonzaga, Butler, BYU
9: Arizona, Texas A&M, Kent St., Oklahoma
10: Miami (FL), California, Syracuse, Wake Forest
11: Oregon, UNLV, Davidson, Villanova
12: Mississippi St., Maryland, St. Joseph’s, South Alabama
13: Illinois St.
Last Four Out: Florida, UMass, Rhode Island, Kentucky
Conference Breakdown
8: Pac-10, Big East
6: ACC, Big XII
4: Big 10
3: SEC
2: WCC, A-10, MWC, MVC

EDIT: I forgot Oklahoma. They are now in, and I moved Illinois St. out.
EDIT: Wow, mistake after mistake. Illinois St. back in after I realized I was short a team.

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Anonymous said...

Butler has a record of 27-3.
RPI of 18.

And they get an 8 seed?

way understated.