Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seed List through PI Day

Too tired to comment. Will remark on today’s events… tomorrow evening? Didn’t manage to complete a bracket, but I did make a list of the top four seed by region (yes, Tennessee will snipe the 1 seed in the North Carolina Regional). I can say that with the losses today, there are only 5 teams left on my bubble. Biggest Debate in my mind (especially if St. Joe's or Kent St. loses tomorrow): Ohio St vs. South Alabama vs. St. Joe's vs. UNLV vs. Kent St.
1: UCLA, Tennessee, Memphis, North Carolina
2: Texas, Duke, Georgetown, Kansas
3: Louisville, Wisconsin, Stanford, Marquette
4: Connecticut, Xavier, Notre Dame, Drake
5: Pittsburgh, Butler, Washington St., Southern Cal
6: Clemson, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, Indiana
7: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Purdue, Michigan St.
8: Gonzaga, Arizona, Mississippi St., Davidson
9: Oregon, Kansas St., Arizona St., BYU
10: Baylor, Miami (FL), Villanova, Kentucky
11: Illinois St., St. Mary’s, Arkansas, Ohio St.
12: South Alabama, St. Joe's, Kent St., San Diego
13: George Mason, Oral Roberts, Western Kentucky, Winthrop
14: Siena, Cornell, Cal-State Fullerton, New Mexico St
15: Portland St, UMBC, Belmont, Austin Peay
16: Morgan St, American, Northwestern ST., Mt. St. Mary’s, Mississippi Valley St.

Last Five Out: UNLV, VT , Dayton, Syracuse, VCU,
New Teams In: St. Joe's, Arkansas, CSU-Fullerton, Northwestern St.
Old Teams Out: Dayton, UNLV, UC-Santa Barabara, Stephen F. Austin
Conference Breakdown:
8: Big East
7: Pac-10
6: Big XII
5: Big 10, SEC
4: ACC
3: WCC
2: A-10, MVC, Sun Belt

Texas Regional:
1. Memphis
2. Texas
3. Stanford
4. Notre Dame

Arizona Regional:
2. Kansas
3. Marquette
4. Connecticut

Detroit Regional:
1. North Carolina
2. Georgetown
3. Wisconsin
4. Xavier

North Carolina Regional:
1. Tennessee
2. Duke
3. Louisville
4. Drake


Brice R. said...

So, you wanted to see a close game between Carolina and VT?

Anonymous said...

So I guess Arkansas just fell out of your bracket (or maybe rising to a 10 seed) by beating #4 Tennesse and advancing to the SEC Championship. I bet their RPI is still "inflated". You and Colton are the smartest college basketball experts ever, you need your own show. I still want to see your fingerpaintings.



Evilmonkeycma said...

1)Yea, yea. With all the major conference upsets, they'll be last in. However, if Illinois or Georgia wins tomorrow, that spot will be sucked up. Just a warning.

2) Dude, trust me, you don't want to see my fingerpaintings. I'm quite bad at them.

Anonymous said...


didn't the barrage of arkansas hate teach you anything?

an 11 seed?


just beat top 15 vandy,
just beat #4 in the country Tennessee (with basically all the crowd pro-vols, btw)

and a 22 win team, with 11 sec wins, with an rpi of 25...beaten TENNESSEE, VANDY, VANDY again, VCU, FLORIDA, MISS STATE, OLE MISS, ORAL ROBERTS....

all of that, and we are an ELEVEN... AFTER BEATING TENNESSEE??

wow, you and colton are "the tops"

seriously, you are ALWAYS leaving arkansas off when EVERY SINGLE BRACKET MATRIX projection (50+) has them as top 8 or 9, BEFORE the Tennessee win.

oh let me guess. i bet you still think Syracuse is an '8' seed.


Evilmonkeycma said...

Actually, if you had held off for 5 more minutes, you would have seen that you were a 5.

Evilmonkeycma said...

And by 5, I obviously meant 9... stupid me trying to think at 1 AM.